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Life in the 1860s Life in the 1860s when electric lights were replaced by candles, cars by carriages, wagons or your own feet and instant messaging by handwritten letters.Life was often hard but there were many simple joys and many were thankful for things such as good health, on winter days having a nice, hot fire and things just running smoothly. I would love to live in the 1860s i love the day to day life and the clothing.It's so interesting how many people worked together to help one another so often.The lifestyle was very tough, but still everyone in the family has to help to get the jobs done.The clothing that was considered fashionable was very beautiful for women but still everyday clothing was nice.Wearing bonnets and big hooped skirts with a dress would be interesting.It would definitely be hard to get used to wearing that sort of clothing.Men's clothing was very practical, a shirt with pants and suspenders and likely a hat if you work outside.As it shows in the august 22nd issue of people going to a mock wedding, a man's suit hasn't changed that drastically. The work of a woman seems very http://www.bridesmaidgownsau.com/prom-dresses.html tiresome as hayley mick describes it.The work seems never ending, but those chores of laundry, cooking, cleaning and other chores were essential for a family.The work of a man was very important.All the jobs like tinsmith, blacksmith, working at a mill and so forth were necessary for a town.But in an issue of the little house in the village series there were many dangers just going to work.So even though their roles in life were different they are both needed in making a town work well. I definitely think i could give up modern technology such as cellphones, computers and television and live in the 1860s for a while.After all, the modern technology isn't necessary and people are able to live without it.I wouldn't want to actually live permanently in the 1860s, as even getting something as simple as a cold could lead to death because there wasn't any modern medicine like we have today. Women often died giving birth and everywhere else accidents can happen.It was also very hard to communicate with people far away as Dresses Australiahttp://www.bridesmaidgownsau.com/ you could only write letters and they weren't delivered as fast as today.All in all i could definitely stand to live a while in the 1860s as i enjoy having the technology we have today. The citizen congratulates the winner of the little house in the village online essay contest 12yearold vanessa macisaac. A panel of seven citizen editors ranked the top entries, which was judged on the following criteria:A convincing, thoughtful argument, clarity of language, writing style and references to the little house in the village series. Vanessa wins a full day of 19thcentury activities at upper canada village in costume for herself and a guest.As well, she will receive an olympus d535 zoom digital camera, a 64 mb picture card and a citizen tote bag that converts into a knapsack, a prize package worth about $650. The runnerup is katie roberts, who also wins passes to upper canada village and an olympus d535 zoom digital camera, a 64 mb picture card and a citizen tote bag that converts into a knapsack, a prize package worth about $400.


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